June Box Competition

Time to get baking! In the June box, there are a multitude of items that can be used to decorate your bake. The inspiration is the beautiful Cicely Mary Barker Flower Fairies  - of which there is also a book enclosed in the June box. A special 'Summer fairies' edition for inspiration

Box recipients received items such as rainbow drops, candy necklace, parma violets and even raspberry jelly! These can be used as creatively as you like in order to produce either a set of fairy cakes or perhaps one big cake. The June box also included the most adorable edible sugar paper flower fairies taken from the books

I can't want to see what everyone comes up with - deadline for emailing a photo of your bake is 21st June. PRIZE TO BE ANNOUNCED!

As featured in the eyelash tutorial, the flowers which came in the JUNE box are also available to buy so that you can build your own look

Wear one (it has 2 flowers) as a cute accessory, or double up for a more dramatic look. Or really embrace it and create a floral crown! 

If you want the ultimate effect, build up to a full hat made from multiple clips. 

That's my big secret and no one ever knows!

Simply decide how many you'd like, and pop an email to order so I can work out the postage

Always wanted to learn how to macrame? 

Exclusive Dawn's Vintage Do Jewellery 

It's been a dream for many years to have my own range of jewellery

I've worked closely with a company who I also happen to be a big fan of - Guns 'n' Posies-  who I've bought from for many years. Lesley is a wonderful creative who has made the most of the past year and mastered the art (not to mention machinery) of my absolute favourite type of jewels - ACRYLIC!

The launch VINTAGE FEEL GOOD BOX featured the brand new heart brooch featuring my Dawn's Vintge Do logo and then the follow up piece featuring the swallow is in the MAY BOX

Both are available to buy in my shop