Time to pre-order Christmas boxes

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I'm so thrilled with how much people have loved the 'Pin Up' November box - see below for content details and video tutorial

There's still a few remaining, so if you missed out, please order one before they are gone as I will not restock this box. Perhaps grab one as a Christmas gift for someone who loves the pin up vintage look?

Before we know it, Christmas will be upon us and I've been planning the December box with this in mind

I need to receive 'one-off' orders by NOVEMBER 22  so if you know someone who loves the feminine aesthetic, this could be THE ideal gift solution. Or why not treat yourself? Why not buy a subscription, December, January & February!

The December boxes will be sent out in the first week of the month and can be delivered directly to your door for onward gifting at Christmas, OR can be delivered directly to the person you love enough to gift one to.

Just make sure you add a comment in the notes section when checking out so I know what to write on the card if sending direct

If the box is coming to you first, I can include a 'secret Santa contents note' for you so you know what's inside before they do. Remember, each box is lovingly wrapped so you can't peek first!

November Box Contents


Perfect Pin up eyes, lips and hair tutorial


I've been promising this one for a while now

A complete 'pin up' look in one gorgeous box

I've been a vintage styled performer for over ten years, but my passion for the 50s aesthetic goes back way before then. I fell in love with Gil Elvgren images way before I even knew how cheeky they were and even what era they depicted. I suppose growing up in an era where Carry On films were standard family viewing, the cheeky nature of pin up just appealed long before I understood it

The November box contains many things to wear (in MANY WAYS), something to nibble and something to 'do'. All this comes with video tutorials available above

Limited numbers available

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Exclusive Dawn's Vintage Do Jewellery 

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It's been a dream for many years to have my own range of jewellery

I've worked closely with a company who I also happen to be a big fan of - Guns 'n' Posies-  who I've bought from for many years. Lesley is a wonderful creative who has made the most of the past year and mastered the art (not to mention machinery) of my absolute favourite type of jewels - ACRYLIC!

The launch VINTAGE FEEL GOOD BOX featured the brand new heart brooch featuring my Dawn's Vintge Do logo and then the follow up piece featured in the MAY BOX

Necklace available to buy in my shop